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"... the best movements in history

were empowered by the spirit

and principles of Jesus."

Hi. This is Kwesi Kamau, Chief Developer of the ID System, and I believe the greatest force for righteousness and justice in our world is the Gospel. And I believe the strongest method for spreading the Gospel is an effective heart-to-heart movement of disciple-making.

Thirty years ago, as a college intern, I sat in a quiet room at the national headquarters of a major civil rights organization thinking to myself. I asked myself in the face of some very challenging community issues on which we were working: “What is the Gospel, and how does it really speak to the hurting people in our community?"

This question began a thirty-year odyssey that led to the development of Impact Discipleship. Impact Discipleship is built around the Gospel of transformation. We need deep, lasting change in our personal lives and we need this real change in our communities, society, and world. This kind of transformation happens when we make strong disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to justice and mercy.

I've traveled across the United States and more than a dozen countries

to study how God has moved and is moving around the world. I have captured five focuses:

  • Holy Spirit-led Discipleship - Experiencing God and helping others experience God

  • Spiritual Maturity Pathway - Developing both Christ-like character and faith through Biblical stages and levels

  • Bridging Righteousness and Justice - Following God's mission to transform lives and make change generationally

  • Discipleship in Context - Utilizing the 5 Settings for Disciple-making

  • Discipleship Movement - Making Disciples with a healthy focus on church growth and building God’s kingdom at-large

Impact Discipleship equips ministry leaders and churches in all five of these focuses to help local churches, college ministries, denominations, and other Christian movements to effectively transform this generation with God's righteousness and justice.

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