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Disciple-Making for Community Transformation

Community transformation involves gradual, sustainable change that brings life to a community. This change is holistic and involves spiritual engagement with individuals, systems, and the culture of a community.

Christ-centered community transformation is grounded in Luke 4:18-19. This passage includes five approaches:

  1. Holy Spirit-directed

  2. Empowering to the poor

  3. Restorative justice for the formerly incarcerated

  4. Physically, emotionally, and socially healing 

  5. Liberating for those facing systemic injustice

​Effective community transformation takes time. It is relational and not merely transactional. It is love-based in its use of power. It is Bible-principled and not trapped by political ideologies. It is inclusive of everyone, but grounded in the needs of the poor, weak, and disenfranchised.

Disciple-making movements are uniquely suited for the work of community transformation. When a disciple-making movement is not merely seen as a program for church membership development, personal mentorship, or lessons on Christian living, it works powerfully to bring life to a community. Wherever strong Christian disciples have lived out the love of Christ in their community, they have impacted education, health care, care for children and the elderly, equality for women and the disenfranchised, support for the formerly incarcerated, and, consequently, they have multiplied and made new strong disciples.

Impact Discipleship provides the curriculum, training, and vehicles to build discipleship movements that can bring transformation to local communities.

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